October 27, 2021

Sabir x James Orsini Part 1


James Orsini has helped countless businesses to improve their operations and increase their revenue. He specializes in helping companies with over $1 million in revenue, but his words of advice can help people at all levels, from entrepreneurs just establishing themselves to major brands seeking to expand into new markets.

You can discover some of Orsini’s biggest tips in the guide and video below. Here’s a quick summary of what you can learn:

  • You Will Fail: Every entrepreneur (including the most successful) have tasted failure at some point. The thing that makes them unique is not that they can avoid failure, but that they can deal with it, learn from it, and grow from it. If you have a crippling fear of failure and breakdown every time you experience it, you will struggle to achieve a similar level of success.
  • Try New Things: Don’t allow yourself to become rooted in tradition. It has its benefits, but if you’re constantly following the old methods and sticking with the tried and tested trends, your business won’t grow, and you’ll get stuck in a rut.
  • Everyone Starts Somewhere: You’re not going to be massively successful overnight. Just because your idol was mega-rich and successful at your age doesn’t mean that you need to go into hyperdrive to emulate them. Take things slowly and remember that success comes with hard work, persistence, and patience. If it’s not happening for you right now, just persist, keep doing what’s right, and your success will come eventually.
  • Prepare for Uncertainty: You will face a lot of challenges during your career and if you are not adequately prepared, your business and your finances will suffer. It’s important to prepare for all eventualities and to ensure that you have contingency plans ready.
  • Learn the Eisenhower Matrix: During the guide below, Orsini talks about the Eisenhower Matrix. It’s a simple formula that he uses to manage his to-do list, and it ensures that he gets everything completed in the most efficient manner. You can learn all about the Eisenhower Matrix below.
  • Act Now: Procrastination has killed many businesses and careers. You won’t get anywhere if you spend your days playing mobile games and scrolling through your Facebook feed. Stop telling yourself that you will “do it tomorrow”. Stop delaying—if you have the time now, then do it now! The same is true for starting a business, as well. It’s important to plan and prepare but telling yourself that you’ll do it in a year’s time and then spending that year doing nothing is not the same thing!
  • Hire the Right Team: A good team is the foundation of every successful business. You need people who are ambitious, dedicated, and hard-working. And when you find them, you need to incentivize them to ensure that they stick around.

For more information, keep reading! And make sure you read to the end of the guide for Orsini’s ultimate tip, a $100,000 insight that could turn your small company into a flourishing brand.

It’s like having your very own expert consultant drop by to impart some priceless words of advice.

This week I was very fortunate to sit down with James Orsini, a man I have known for many years, and one who helps small business owners to succeed. His services are tailored toward companies generating between $1 million and $20 million in revenue, and he has some valuable words of wisdom for entrepreneurs operating within those limits.

You can see my recorded interview with James on this page. In this guide, I will go into a little more detail, covering operational challenges and providing tips for entrepreneurs.

Check out the $100,000 Expert Insights – Part 2: Growing Pains in Business Operations with James Orsini

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