August 18, 2021

Sabir x Habib Salo Part 1


Have you ever looked at a successful and rapidly-growing YouTube channel and wondered how they got there?

Maybe you’ve even wished that you could be in their position, benefiting from all of those views and using them to expand your business.

Habib Salo owns one such YouTube channel. He is the CEO of Young Nails, a flourishing business-to-business operation that has greatly reduced its marketing spend while increasing its sales through YouTube.

In the following guide, Salo talks about his story and his process, helping others to follow in his footsteps and covering priceless snippets such as:

  • Quality Over Quantity: One of the biggest revelations from my discussion with Habib Salo is the fact that his company’s YouTube views actually declined when he changed their approach. However, the viewers were much more targeted and useful and, as a result, he saw a massive increase in conversions and revenue. Just because you have 100k followers or 1 million views doesn’t mean your channel and business will succeed. It’s all about relevancy.
  • Get Started Regardless: Habib Salo is very confident in front of the camera. He is likable, funny, and friendly. But he wasn’t always like that. When he first started, he was anxious and awkward and the viewers let him know, telling him that he was doing a terrible job and that he should let his brother take over. The point is that no one is confident when they get started, just as no one has the best cameras and sound equipment when they post their first videos. Just get started, even if it means using an iPhone to record yourself and being awkward and unfunny in front of the camera.
  • Be Patient: For every YouTube channel that blows up overnight, there are a thousand others that get to the top through hard work and patience. You can’t expect to succeed with a single video. You need to give it time to work, all while posting high-quality content on a consistent basis. Habib Salo is proof that you need a little patience if you’re going to succeed in this business.
  • Use Content Creation Hacks: The best content creators churn out hundreds of pieces a month, but that doesn’t mean they are filming hundreds of hours of content. One of the tricks used by successful businesses like Young Nails is to create long-form content (such as a 60-minute video and an accompanying 2,000-word guide) and then break that up into lots of smaller pieces. A 60-minute video can become 60 1-minute snippets. A 2,000-word article can become 4 500-word blog posts or dozens of social media posts.

This is just a summary of the many great pieces of advice included in this guide, there is a lot more to learn.

If you run a B2B business or want to build some social media pages for your brand, the following is not to be missed.

Make sure you read to the end to see Habib Salo’s $100,000 insight, a recommendation that could generate 6-figures of income for your business.

Launching a new business is an exciting but often overwhelming process, one that requires you to learn about things you’ve never encountered above and clear obstacles you didn’t see coming.

But as difficult, stressful, and frustrating as this process can be, it’s nothing compared to scaling your business.

I recently spoke with Habib Salo, the CEO of Young Nails Inc. We spoke about how he scaled this family business into the e-commerce giant that it is today.

He told me how absolutely terrifying the process was and how things didn’t always go as planned, but how he ultimately succeeded and led to the development of one of the biggest brands in the professional nail care industry.

After deciding to take a sharp U-turn just a few years ago, Habib played an integral role in scaling Young Nails into a company that now has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, with over 30 million views on its many videos.

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