November 28, 2017

Sabir x Mac King

HACKING THE HOLIDAYS: Six Part Podcast Series (Co-Hosts: Sabir Semerkant And Mac King)  

Tips & Tricks to HACK your way to GROWTH!  Brought to you by VaynerMedia and Shopify Plus, this eCommerce-focused mini-series is rolling out just in time for the end-of-year shopping season, including Black Friday. As the brainchild of hosts Sabir Semerkant, the data-obsessed SVP of eCommerce at VaynerMedia, as well as Mac King, a growth hacking Partner Manager at Shopify Plus, “Hacking the Holidays” is driven by one simple goal: to help brands and entrepreneurs step up their eComm strategy. Each episode welcomes new guests from a broad landscape of industries, such as advertising, fashion, traffic and operations, to discuss online shopping as well innovative ways to hack platforms and practices for the best ROI.

Episode: Crushing It: Gary Vaynerchuk On Captivating An Audience With Underpriced Attention With Gary Vaynerchuk (Founder/CEO, VaynerMedia, @Garyvee, Gary Vee, Garyvee)

Episode: Merchandising Operations: Maintaining Customer Satisfaction With Strategic Communication With Nicole Gardner (COO, Dormify) And (CMO/COO, DotCom Distributions)  

Episode: Viral Marketing: How To Catch A Break On Social Media And Keep Up Your Momentum With Matt Fiano (Co-Founder, Ivory Ella)  

Episode: All About Amazon: Extending Your Brand Presence To Boost Credibility And Reach With Nolan Walsh (Co-Founder, ThursdayBoots.Com) And Lee Elliot (VP Digital Media, VaynerMedia)  

Episode: Driving Traffic: Combining Organic And Paid Strategies To Test, Learn And Optimize With Marc Weisinger (Director Of Revenue Acceleration, Shopify Plus)  

Episode 6: Hacking The Holidays: Tips To Solidify Your ECommerce Strategy For Black Friday With Mac King (Partner Manager, Shopify Plus) And Sabir Semerkant (SVP ECommerce, VaynerMedia)  

Available as Audio Podcast on Sound Cloud

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