August 11, 2021

Sabir x Paul Butler Part 1


What is strategic thinking and how can it help you as a business owner, employer, freelancer, or professional?

That’s the question I posed to Paul Butler, and it’s one that he was more than happy to answer.

You can see all of his answers, tips, and strategies in the full guide and video below, but here’s a quick summary to give you a taste:

  • Challenging Assumptions: One of Butler’s biggest teachings is the idea that you should always challenge assumptions. Business owners make assumptions about everything from their demographic to their expected sales and their marketing campaigns. Don’t just assume that your product will sell or that your customer base focuses on a specific demographic—do your research and ask yourself where those assumptions are coming from.
  • The Vital Few: Butler talks about a strategy that he refers to as the “Vital Few”. It all comes down to a few simple questions that every business owner should ask themselves: What do we know? Of what we know, what’s most important? And, what makes us unique? There are many essential pieces of advice that you can take away from this guide, but The Vital Few is probably the most important, so make sure you don’t miss it!
  • Dealing with Uncertainty: The pandemic created a lot of uncertainty and changed the game for business owners across the United States. Many weren’t prepared, and they suffered as a result. Butler outlines his methods for anticipating and dealing with uncertainty, showing you how you can profit from times of chaos and difficulty as opposed to desperately trying to hold the fort.
  • Fix Your Business: Is your business failing? Are you struggling to keep things together as your profits fall and your expenses rise? Butler has the strategy that you have been desperately waiting for. If it’s working, keep doing it; if not, change it; if it’s not adding value, ask yourself why you’re doing it. These are just some of the processes that Butler uses to turn a struggling business around.
  • Data Doesn’t Lie: The biggest companies use data to track and anticipate trends, keeping their profits high and their risk low. But you don’t need to be generating millions of dollars to start utilizing the benefits of data acquisition and storage. Butler discusses the ways that businesses of all sizes can exploit the data provided by simple and free programs like Google Analytics and Google Ads to propel their companies forward.

Operating a successful business requires the use of strategic thinking, but that doesn’t mean that you need to read Sun Tzu and brush up on your chess skills. It’s actually quite simple, and all of Paul Butler’s strategies can be understood following this simple guide.

At the end of my discussion with Paul Butler, I asked him for his most valuable insight, one that can generate over 6-figures in value for all new business owners.

Keep reading to the end of this guide to see Paul Butler’s incredible insight for yourself.

Meet Paul Butler. Paul is one of the world’s most accomplished and in-demand leadership coaches/advisors and facilitators. With a client list that is a who’s who, he can see how the world’s most effective managers lead. He is known as one of those rare people with dual capability in organizational excellence and strategic decision making. He is also known for using his vast network to connect people who help each other make the world a better place.  Co-Author of Think to Win.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul and we discussed strategic thinking and growing pains in all sorts of organizations – from small businesses to non-profits to conglomerates like Proctor & Gamble. Watch the episode below. Take Notes.

#ThisWeekWithSabir Audio Experience

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