September 15, 2021

Sabir x Nick Aldis Part 1


How do you go from being a professional athlete to a successful entrepreneur? How do you make the leap from playing sports to being a social media star? The answer is a lot more complicated than you might think because fame is fleeting, and as soon as you retire, the media will stop covering you, the fans will stop cheering for you, and you will lose your following.

It’s a problem that many athletes have to contend with and it’s one that Nick Aldis has also faced. The difference is that Nick was able to use his reputation in the ring to build a big brand outside of it.

If you’re an athlete thinking about a post-fame career, or an aspiring influencer keen to make a name for yourself, Nick has some unmissable words of advice for you.

Some of the tips covered by Nick in the guide below include:

  • How to Start Building a Brand: It doesn’t matter who you are and how famous you are, everyone has to start from ground zero when building an online brand. Some of the important points to remember is that social media success doesn’t happen overnight, and you need to build your brand slowly. A brand built overnight won’t last the week; a brand built over many months will last for years to come.
  • Give Them Something: Every internet user is bombarded with advertisements every second of every day. They are blind to it and see it as a distraction and an annoyance. If you only use your social media posts to advertise products and services, you’re just feeding into that endless cycle of ads, and no one will follow you. If you want their attention, you need to give them value, something that goes beyond “buy this” and something that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Engage with Your Fans: A single reply can make a follower’s day, especially if you’re a famous athlete. Engagement is crucial for turning first-time viewers into lifetime fans and it also feeds the algorithm, increasing comments, likes, and—eventually—views. Every time you post, spend some time responding to comments, even if you’re just thanking them for their comments and dropping an emoji or two.
  • Focus on Targeted Followers: A million followers are useless if they are not in your demographic. Stop focusing on the numbers and start concentrating on the statistics that matter, including engagement rate. It doesn’t matter how many people are following you. What matters is how many of them like and comment; how many of them actually buy what you’re selling.

Nick Aldis has used his personal brand to establish himself as a social media influencer and entrepreneur. He has launched and grown new brands off the back of his online success, and as a result, he has managed to prolong his career in a profession that is notoriously short and risky.

If you want to do the same, read the guide below or watch the video for information on Nick’s tips, tricks, and techniques.

Meet NICK ALDIS. Nick is the current NWA Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion. Nick is a pro wrestler, author,  broadcaster, and business development advisor for Lightning One Inc.  Nick has been a professional wrestler since he was 18 years old,  starting in Norfolk, England.

This is a must-watch for entertainers, wrestlers, professional  athletes, celebrities, and anyone who can get value from learning the  $100,000+ expert insights on how you manage your personal brand outside  of the world you currently live in.  

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