August 28, 2020

Sabir on Coffee & Commerce Part 1

2020 has been a crazy year. No one is going to dispute that. Even the most pessimistic, paranoid doomsayers couldn’t have imagined the chaos we’re seeing.

It’s bad, it’s scary, but it has also triggered massive growth in the e-commerce industry. Many e-commerce experts, myself included, predicted that we’d see this sort of growth before long. But at best, we expected it to happen by 2045 and couldn’t have predicted that 2020 would be the pivotal year.

It’s left a lot of small business owners in a state of turmoil. Some are worried that their business will collapse, others are worried that they’ll miss a great opportunity, and all have a long list of questions and concerns to get off their chest.

I was recently interviewed as part of the Coffee and Commerce podcast with Zubin Mowlavi, and during this 65 minute+ episode (of which I was active from around the 19th minute onwards) we fielded a seemingly endless list of questions from concerned business owners.

Zubin is an e-commerce wizard and essentially became my successor at VaynerCommerce, a flourishing brand that I co-founded along with media guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

Zubin and I have been very active during 2020 and this was a great opportunity to put our heads together and discuss some of the ways that this year has impacted the industry.

You can see this video for yourself above. In this guide, however, I want to delve deeper into these subjects and, hopefully, clarify some of the points we discussed.

Video Interview | Sabir Semerkant (Guest) and Zubin Mowlavi (Host of Coffee and Commerce, VaynerCommerce)
Video Interview | Sabir Semerkant (Guest) and Zubin Mowlavi (Host of Coffee and Commerce, VaynerCommerce)

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